Website Hosting

Magento Hosting and Development Combined

98% of our clients trust Crystal with their hosting and development needs. This ensures that our full service capabilities are used creating a fantastic experience for all. We have the ability to fine tune your website from the ground up. From caching to memory management, we understand each part of the infrastructure so you can spend more time managing your business.


  • All servers are Magento 1 and 2 ready
  • Less than 100ms time to byte Magento speeds when utilised with our speed booster
  • Redis memory management ready


  • 100% full managed
  • 100% managed by Australia staff
  • Minute by minute alert monitoring


  • Incremental backups spanning up to 12 months
  • Ability to restore at the database table level
  • Restoration started immediately in emergencies

Experts at all levels

  • Expert System Administrators
  • Expert Magento Developers
  • Expert Wordpress Developers
  • We take care of the full development stack

Crystal Cloud

  • Crystal Cloud ready
  • Replication on all data
  • Backups integrated into cloud system

Best Practices

  • Constant security analysis
  • Benchmark tested
  • Load and stress tested
  • Load balanced ready for big media events


Select the plan that suits you

Our website hosting scales as your business grows
  • Basic Hosting

    per month

    Suitable for small sites
    2GB of Space
    CPU Cores: 1
    Memory: 1,024mb
    Fully Managed

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  • Power Hosting 10k

    per month

    < 10,000 visits per month
    Disk Space: 20gig
    CPU Cores: 2
    Memory: 2,048mb
    Fully Managed

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  • Power Hosting 15k

    per month

    < 15,000 visits per month
    Disk Space: 40gig
    CPU Cores: 3
    Memory: 3,072mb
    Fully Managed

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Don't want your visitors to wait?

Our Performance Plans will massively reduce page load times and get your site displaying super fast and are load balanced ready.
  • Power Hosting 20k

    per month

    < 20,000 visits per month
    Disk Space: 60gig
    CPU Cores: 4
    Memory: 4,096mb
    Fully Managed

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  • Power Hosting 50k

    per month

    < 50,000 visits per month
    Disk Space: 80gig
    CPU Cores: 6
    Memory: 6,144mb
    Fully Managed

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  • Power Hosting 100k

    per month

    < 100,000 visits per month
    Disk Space: 100gig
    CPU Cores: 8
    Memory: 8,192mb
    Fully Managed

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  • Power Hosting 200k

    per month

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Lots of content to display?

Our CDN plans will ensure your website vistors are getting content quickly no matter where they are located around the world


Smaller Plans

We also offer smaller plans for non profit businesses and charities, development, testing and soft redirection sites
  • Free Hosting

    per month

    (Charities or Non Profit Organisations Only)

    10GB of Space
    100GB of Transfer

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  • Micro Hosting

    per month

    Redirection sites allow you to track your side domains

    100MB of Space
    1GB of Transfer

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Can't find what you're looking for? For a quote on a customized plan contact us

Standard Features

All of our hosting plans come with the following features

  • Fully managed servers, you don't have to worry about a thing
  • Pay per month, you'll never be charged for long term lengths
  • cPanel for simplifying the management of your website
  • Support from Magento professionals. If you have a problem we can help
  • Optimised for Magento. All the pages on your site will load quickly
  • Scalable performance. Easily move betwen plans for ultimate flexibility

Need a bit more

  • Extra IP Addresses are $5+gst per month
  • Extra Disk Space is $0.25 per 1gig