Website Builds

Your website build is the process of taking a design and constructing a working website. The underlying code used on your website effects the look of the site, SEO, page rendering speeds, accessibility and many more factors.

Is there a difference between web development company website builds?
There is a massive difference in how web development companies build your website. Some use a template that is inflexible and cumbersome. Others cut corners to provide cheap websites which end up hurting your SEO and design. Others don't even both to ensure it works in all browsers. Don't let your next website build be done by amateurs, only the best can create the best.

How we build your website?

Our team of expert web development staff have years of experience and are dedicated to building you the best websites. Our accessibility ratings are the highest you can receive, our SEO semantic code is the best you can obtain and our websites work perfectly in all browsers on all systems.

  • We are the website build experts and you will save thousands of dollars over the years because the website will last longer and be much easier to update.
  • latest advanced HTML 5 coding techniques
  • compatibility with all browsers and devices
  • non flash websites working on iphone and ipad
  • XHTML strict checking
  • compatible CSS that works in all browsers

What happens when a website is built poorly?

Websites built poorly cost more in the long run. It is a lot harder to update and upgrade a poorly built website. SEO is effected by the incorrect use of semantic tags that will cost you valuable rankings and also effect the quality score you receive with google adwords. Accessibility can be seriously effected and put you at risk of being sued for negligence. Browser and smart phone compatibility can be comprised leading to odd looking pages in different devices.

Simple put, if your website isn't built buy professionals, you will have a dodgy code base to work with for years to come.