Using WHM to transfer a website between EC2 AWS Instances

Add a new private ip address to new instance in AWS

  • In WHM go to Copy an Account From Another Server With an Account Password
  • Enter Server to copy from (IP or FQDN):
  • Enter Username to copy:
  • Enter User's password:
  • Check Give new account an IP address:
  • Uncheck Permit fallback to old system (see above):
  • Click Copy Account

Ensure website has transferred properly and the new ip address assigned to this website is the internal one we just created. If it is not correct, change the internal ip address so it matches the one we just created.

  • Disassociate original ip address from original server
  • Associate original ip address with new server and attach to the new internal ip address you created

Update filezilla with the new server name, this is the last part in the brackets and should proceed with the internal ip address, eg (server6 -

Test site in browser