The Team

Once you join our team, you'll never want to leave


Marc - Technician, Programmer

Experienced in over 20 programming languages, Marc loves to write code. If he's not thinking up new systems, he's building them. In fact, he's been known to spruik an idea at a morning meeting, and by lunchtime have the system almost completed!

From the humble beginnings of writing tens of thousands of lines of code, analysing over 100,000 websites for SEO comparison means, 3D animation and even a writer and director of short films were the catalyst that propelled Marc into the web development industry.

In his spare time, Marc likes to get away and rip up the powder with his snowboard on the Victorian ski slopes, or Kayaking. A lot of his time is spent reading to keep up with web development, thus growing our library to over 70 professional web development and marketing books (now that's commitment!) .


Nicole - Accounts + Services Manager

Nicole has been part of the Crystal team since our office was nothing but a small room with 2 chairs, a table and a vision. Originally studying as a Pastry Chef, her interests were swayed over to the web development industry when the company began, where she took over the roles of Accounts Manager and Services Manager.

Nicole has the rather impressive skill of knowing every client that we have, and that's a small feat in itself as we have hundreds, and is passionate about upholding Crystal's reputation for our fast and fantastic support. She's also amazing at solving email hosting issues.

A lover of cake decorating, Nicole can usually be found in the kitchen creating masterful cakes. Travelling across Australia and discovering unique locations is also at the top of her list.


Rohan - Support Manager + Designer

Rohan has completed a Bachelor of Design (Mulitimedia) at Swinburne University and has worked on a vast range of projects across many different mediums including 3D modelling and animation, interactive games creation, graphic design, short film making and of course web design and development.

His unmatched ability to remember thousands of tasks and procedures, handle multiple clients requests and complex projects makes Rohan one of the most sought after managers in the country. Rohan has a natural ability to make every single project succeed without even working up a sweat.

Rohan is also an avid lover of music, a skilled drummer and a struggling bassist. If he's not listening to or playing music, he's most likely on the PS4 shooting zombies, averting nuclear war and boosting his impressive trophy collection.


Bjorn "Big Pappa" - Designer + Developer

Bjorn is a Web Designer with more than 15 years experience designing, building and managing websites. His main skills are in CSS/HTML/SQL, all flavours of Javascript and a dash of PHP. An alumni of Swinburne University - his real interest is in UI and interface design but he does venture into the world of print design with his multi talented skills.

Bjorn has been working with the Magento system for years including debugging thousands of lines of code at a time whilst also producing elegant and sophisticated designs. We've never come across a person with so many talents and proud to have such a unique individual in our company.

Outside of work, Bjorn spends most of his time between amateur photography and cycling - hopefully not at the same time.


Alan - Digital Producer

Having studied a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing at RMIT, Alan has comfortably slid into a position as our Digital Producer. Print media, Event management, email marketing, are just a few of the areas Alan has dabbled in, giving him a running head start for managing and accomplishing our clients Digital Marketing goals.

His main interest is in Digital marketing though, and he loves working with E-commerce website and seeing them flourish into profitable and successful businesses.

When he's not working hard, Alan's keen interests are cutting it up in the salon as a professional hairdresser, and traveling the world to experience new culture and great food.


Arman - Magento Web Developer

A graduate of the Asia Pacific College, Arman is qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and IT. With a backing of 10+ years experience in ERP (or Enterprise Software, SAP) his keen interest is in backend programming and API. Newer technology stacks like Angular JS, Node JS and MongoDB have also caught his eye, making Arman a very valuable skilled developer in the Crystal team.

Relatively new to Australia, outside of the office you'll usually find Arman travelling across the bush land of Victoria with his friends and family, discovering new places and getting to know the culture.

Aside from spontaneous road trips he's also interested in electronics such as hardware projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. We're pretty sure that one day Arman is going to create his own drone.


Elijah - Magento Web Developer

Profile coming soon!