Templated conversation

Dealing with clients can be tiresome and over time you realise that a lot of what you say to them has already been said to another client. Most clients do not understand how to build websites and what is actually involved so a lot of answers are needed. There are also many checkpoints throughout a project build which can be communicated through emails.

envelope representing an emailOne of the most efficient uses of our time to answer questions and communicate to our clients is through templated emails. We write a generic email that answers clients questions, and then resend it out to future clients that ask the same thing. If you have enough of these templated emails, you can create a fake relationship that is assumed to be real. Clients do not know that you are not writing specifically for them if you have great templated responses.

But what are the implications of this? How far will this go? Do you know when you are receiving a templated email? If you do is it because you are very wary of them or is it because it was a poorly written templated email that is easy to see through. Maybe hearing what we want to hear and using templated emails which can be revised and improved is better than receiving an honest answer that is written on the spot? Just remember, when your communication is through email, you just may be communicating with a template.