Style Guides

Keeping your brand strong

What are style guides?

A style guide ensures that all your website content is consistent and in line with your brand.

Who are style guides for?

Every website should have a style guide. These are a must and if your current web development company doesn't provide one, walk away.

What happens if you don't have one?

If a style guide is not embedded into your website, it will degrade the look of your pages over time. At first your website might look ok, but as more and more content is added, more and more pages will look tacky and you will lose business. You may have noticed some websites on the internet looking old and inconsistent. This is due to the web development company not implementing a proper style guide for that website.

At any time we can easily modify the guide and changes will spread throughout your websites instantly

How we implement it?

We code a style guide into your website based on your branding, colours, logo and other marketing material you have. We ensure that your staff members have the ability to update the website without having to worry about formatting and design. Our system automatically styles your content to look professional and elegant. Our content management system is a leader in the industry in regards to content insertion and every one of your pages will look like it was created by an artist.