SSL Certificates

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SSL Protection

Does your website process sensitive information such as

  • emails
  • credit card details
  • personal addresses
  • other sensitive information?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you need an SSL certificate to provide a secure connection between the customers computer and your website.

In fact, having an SSL certificate installed on your server is mandatory if you are to keep and protect personal data.

If you answered NO to all of the above, an SSL certificate may still be beneficial for your website (ie. SEO rankings in Google). Contact us if you would like to discuss further.


Crystal's Free SSL

Crystal offers a FREE SSL certificate for all websites that are hosted in our cloud servers.

  • Automatic protection
  • Automatic renewal - never worry about an expiring SSL again
  • Simple Domain validation
  • Secure up to 200 domains per website
  • Strong Encryption. Ideal for older browsers and servers
  • Trust seals for additional customer confidence
  • Full management and support by Crystal

Crystal Cloud CMS

Are you a Crystal cloud CMS client?

  • Your website is automatically protected with our FREE SSL certificate
  • Choose between automatic protection and our premium options
  • Full support provided by Crystal
  • Need more information about our Crystal CMS system? Get in touch

Premium SSL options

Need a higher level of protection? We have additional SSL options to ensure that your website is secured

  • Wildcard - Perfect for websites that need to protect sub-domains
  • EV - Earn higher customer trust with the green seal and extended company validation. First class branding for those wishing to increase conversions.


Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL

 1 year  $150
  • Domain Validation
  • Ideal for Websites with subdomains
  • Secured main domain and it's unlimited Sub Domains
  • Assurance: $10,000USD warranty by Comodo
  • Fast issuance
  • Stronger SHA-2 Encryption Algorithm
  • More than 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Free reissuance
  • Get the Positive SSL Trusted Site Seal

Thawte EV SSL
1 year $280
  • Full organisation + Extended Validation
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Added trust factor with the green address bar
  • Assurance: $1.5M USD warranty by Thawte
  • Stronger SHA-2 Encryprion Algorithm
  • More than 99% browser compatibility
  • Free reissuance
  • Issuance: 5-10 days
  • Free Thawte Secured Site Seal

GeoTrust True Business ID EV ssl
1 year $250
  • Extended validation
  • Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption
  • Added trust factor with the green address bar
  • More than 99% browser compatibility and most mobile browsers
  • EV Upgrader technology enables EV visibility for Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP systems
  • Assurance: $1.5M USD warranty by Geotrust
  • Stronger SHA-2 Encryprion Algorithm
  • Free reissuance
  • Issuance: up to 10 Business Days
  • Free Geotrust Secured Site Seal


ssl secure


Protect your business by encrypting payment information over the internet. By installing an SSL certificate on your website you get the trusted padlock that appears in the top of your browser.

ssl seal

SEO Boost

Never before has there been a better time to secure your website as google has reported that using an SSL Certificate on your website will boost your website rankings.

great value2

Guaranteed Safety

All of our SSL Certificates come with a Certificate Authority supplied warranty from $5,000 USD to over $1MIL+ USD. As each certificate uses the latest encryption technologies, your data is safe and you are covered.

ssl browsers

Works everywhere

With 99.9% compatibility rate with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more, your secured site will be working no matter who is looking at it including users of mobile phones and tablets.

ssl sales

Increase Sales

Happy and trusting customers are more likely to purchase from your website and nothing shows trust like a secure site. By presenting a padlock and a site sealed logo, your customers will know you care about them.

ssl seal

Brand recognition

By choosing a more trusted brand SSL Certificate, you will show the world that you care about their safety. On top of that you can use the logo of the chosen SSL Certificate to inform each customer of your choice and increase your own brand's trust.