SEO Title Tag

The title tag of a web page document is one of the most important tags that may be used.

Billboard saying eat at Joe's with an image of a plate full of fries and a burgerSearch Engines love this tag and will rank your page much higher based on the phrase contained within this tag. If you are targeting a phrase for a page you must make sure that the phrase is contained within the title tag. One of the reasons why search engines rank so this element so highly is because it is supposed to contain the title of your document, the most important words that describe what your document is about. If you try to stuff keywords in your title tag it won't work so you think carefully about the words and then repeat them throughout your document.

The second important factor of the title tag is to illuminate an important part of your business. This could be a telephone number or the name of your business or just a couple of keywords that define what your business is about. This second part of your page title should be separated from your first SEO part.

/* different options for separating our SEO keyphrase and business keyphrase */ <title>Web development - by Crystal Web Designs</title> <title>Web development >> Melbourne Websites</title> <title>Web development | Crystal Web Designs 1234 1234</title>

Or we can target a keyphrase that isn't so popular

/* different options for separating our SEO keyphrase and business keyphrase */ <title>Web Development CSS Articles - Melbourne Websites</title> <title>Web Development Beginner Tutorials >> Melbourne Websites</title> <title>Best Web Development HTML 5 Practices | Melbourne Websites</title>

The title tag or otherwise known as page title should be used for SEO and business purposes. Target the two and separate by a character such as a pipe or arrow. Also make sure you own use the title tag once within your header tag.