SEO meta description tag optimisation

The meta description tag is a very important element on your website for your SEO strategy. It is only used once within each page on your website and therefore you need to be very careful with the keywords that are contained within. By optimising the description meta tag you may rank better in google and other search engines but this is debateable.

The other purpose for the meta description tag is used to display a small piece of information about your web page when it is shown in search engine results, otherwise known as SERPs. This is very important for enticing users to click on your website link and not others that are being displayed on this page.

Meta description example shown in google search results

The size of the meta description should be between around 50 - 150 characters. Google and other search engines limit the description that is shown to 150 characters. Ideally a good length is around 120 characters giving the user as much information as possible about the web page but also targeting your keywords. Optimising the meta description tag for SEO needs is required for each and every page on your website that you wish to rank in google and other search engines.