SEO H1 Tag

H1 or heading 1 tag is one of the most important elements in an HTML 5 document. Previously it was used to create headings on a web page but with the proliferation and popularity of search engines, the H1 heading is now better used for SEO optimisation.

Heading tags that are used in HTML By targeting keywords and keyphrases in your h1 heading, you are telling search engines which words are the most pertinent to your page. This will give you an advantage when trying to rank well, especially if you wish to be listed in the top 10.

It's recommended that you only use an h1 heading once on any single web page. By using it multiple times you are diluting the importance of each keyword and this is not recommended. Targeting just your keywords and keyphrases in your heading 1 will give you that extra bit of advantage over other websites to get you into the top 10.