SEO friendly URL integration

SEO friendly URL integration is the process of using optimised page addresses that target search engines and allow your pages to be ranked higher. This is one of the most important aspects of SEO and every page that wants to be ranked highly in google and other search engines needs to target this aspect of the page.

There are many articles on the internet discussing not using URL's such as as index.php?task=some-task&id=14. This kind of URL has many drawbacks and the biggest is that many search engines won't bother saving this page in their databases. Thereore pages that contain a question mark should be avoided.

Casper the friendly ghostThe best URL would be something like /web-development/seo/seo-friendly-url-integration.html. But why? The answer lies in the many keywords that are used in such a URL. We first have made the address an SEO friendly address by eliminating any questions marks.

We have further enhanced the address by using .html as the extension. This is the best web extension and should be used for all pages on a site. There have been some scrupulous tactics in which extensions were ending in seo. This is a bad practice and is a form of keyword stuffing and you maybe penalised for such actions.

Another key aspect of the best SEO friendly URL integration is to use dashes to separate words. This is not only very popular over the internet but is recommended by google itself. Therefore all pages should have dashes between words.

The final aspect of the best way to format an SEO friendly URL address is to use keywords. Repeating one or two keywords is an ok practice but you won't be given any extra points for that. What you need to do is be precise in the keywords you use and have them all related. If they aren't related then this is another form of keyword stuffing.