How to Reindex Magento website

By Marc Watts

You may notice a message at the top of your Magento admin requesting a reindex of your Magento website. This is quite normal with most Magento installations and will require you to manually click through to the Magento Reindex page.

Magento uses a complicated approach to database storage and therefore has developed an index strategy to certain database tables. The indexes need to be revised for products to work correctly on your website.

It's generally a good idea to reindex your Magento website when you see the reindex message. But if you find your website is slowing down after you click reindex, it is a good idea to talk to your web development company and ask them to investigate before performing this action again.

Reindex message appears

The reindex message will appear in your Magento admin.

reindex message

The reindex page

First click the checkboxes on the rows that require re-indexing and then click Submit.

reindex page

Your website should now be reindexed.