Nothing beats books for information

Each day we like to read many website articles written by great web developers from around the world. We obtain a plethora of ideas from the articles which allow us to write our code better and also be a better web developer. We have found great inspiration from what others write, but conversely we find web development books better.

We have found that mour knowledge of web development subjects becomes much more dense and prolific after reading books. We highly recommend everyone that is interested in web development to read good web development books. Your knowledge will increase dramatically and you'll learn much more than you can from streamlined attention grabbing websites and small articles.

Another benefit of reading books is that text is more likely to be true and professionally written. Developing a book takes time and each page is scrutinised for errors and relevance. This is not something you get from a lot of websites.

Some may say that reading websites will give you the latest information that is unavailable in books, but good programming practices and knowledge is timeless. Picking the right books from 10 years ago is much better than picking 100 websites that are written by inexperienced developers looking to get traffic.