Next and previous button

Users can often get confused when next and previous buttons are not displayed correctly on websites. What is the best HTML button position? Different websites use different labels and place buttons in different positions. For example Previous page on the left and next page on the right Newer entries on the left and older entries on the right Older posts on the left and newer posts on the right Previous on the left and next on the right with page numbers in the middle

As you can see different websites place next and previous buttons on different sides and also change the labels. This makes navigating different websites a little harder than it should be especially when poor labels are used on the buttons. For example next and previous is confusing as a label as it could mean a new blog post or an older blog post, I suppose it all depends on which way you look at it.

The best labels for next and previous buttons gives a clear indication of what is on the next page such as older posts and newer posts.

Therefore to produce the best next and previous buttons you should label them correctly. Make sure the user knows where a button click will take them. In regards to the position of the button, well that still seems to be random and no standards have yet to emerge.

My choice for the best HTML button position would be to replicate how a book works, on the right should be the next page and on the left should be the previous page. Maybe even have page fold type of graphic to help with this distinction.