Magento Extensions

Magento Extensions

There are a plethora of Magento extensions with many companies from around the world producing and developing them. Magento is a difficult system to develop in compared to more basic content management systems which leads to more professionals developing Magento extensions. Your average programmer will have trouble creating Magento extensions and thus inexperienced and unqualified programmers aren't able to sell them. The Magento extensions are generally well made and generally work well with most Magento installations.

We are Magento extension developers

Our extensions are created using best practice Magento methodogies utilising extreme flexibility and the robustness that comes from rigid testing and user based acceptance tests. The extensions can target multiple stores with custom class names, html holders, multiple holder item relationships, enabling and disabling, showing to logged in, logged out or all users, dev, staging and live site targeting, publishing dates, multiple template positioning plus targeting pages of all types including CMS, categories, products, checkout, accounts and more.

We know Magento inside and out

Have you noticed how many web developers are out there that run into problems when the going gets tough? Maybe they say they'll do something and never get back to you. What about those developers that say things like "Sorry that can't be done". These kind of statements are common because too many web developers don't put in the hard work to learn the systems they use.

Simple put.

Yes we can do it.

Below are some of our amazing magento extensions we have created

  • Email Hider
  • Formatter
  • Replacement
  • Skin
  • Deployable Database
  • Timezone
  • Banners
  • Super Block
  • Flexible Blog
  • Book Holder with Chapters
  • Casestudy System
  • Collection Items
  • Completed Projects
  • Custom Parts
  • Contact Form with Advanced Logging and Spam Protection
  • Friends Rotator
  • Media Gallery with Cropping
  • Media Releases
  • News Feeds
  • Press Releases Organiser
  • Services Scroller
  • Staff Dispalyer
  • Swatch Switcher
  • Testimonial Holder
  • Currency switcher based on ip
  • Mega menu based on product attribute brands
  • Ajax block loading
  • Custom payment options
  • Instagram Gallery
  • Quantity Increment dropdowns
  • Tier Pricing Grouping