Long webpages usability problem

We regularly read blog sites around the internet and we're constantly finding pages that are too long. This happens a lot when there are multiple blog items on the same page or there is a top 50 designs or top 50 jquery plugins type of page. Have a look at the image below.

webpage that is too long and shows a tiny scrollbar

If you look closely you will see a usability problem with the above image. Wesuppose it's not necessarily the website developers fault but in fact a browser problem. Once a page gets to a certain length it seems that the browser decides that creating a tiny scrollbar is ok. Have a look at how small the clickable area of the scrollbar is that allows dragging.

webpage that is too long and shows a tiny scrollbar with an arrow pointing to the tiny scrollbar

For most, this would be incredibly hard to click on. An area that is just a few millimetres in height is not acceptable for most users. Browser manufacturers need to fix this problem and web developers should avoid having pages that are too long.