Let me pass

Stop sign with the word go graffitied on it The last thing I want is someone to tell me I can't do something. Constantly telling me to stop when I want to go can be very annoying. Interrupting my work flow and shouting some message to me is rude.

Computers who stop humans doing what they are trying to do are rude. They are obtrusive and should not stick up big signs to tell the user to stop, but to unobtrusively act on errors and warnings. A computer should be a very smart polite person, they should work out what a user is trying to do and allow them to pass.

When a user fills out a form on a website, every input that is mandatory is a closer step for that user to leave the website and not finish what he or she is doing. We need to encourage users in all areas of a website to continue and to proceed. If we really have to stop a user in their tracks then we should never create an alert in javascript.Rude alert box warning a user This is rude, obnoxious and tells the user that they are dumb and should fix the problem.

What we need to do is to be subtle but give enough information for the user to pause for a moment and change their input. We should do this diligently and quietly. Your users will end up being more happy and have less chance of leaving your website.