HTML 5 Skip Links

Skip links are useful for site impaired users and users that use the keyboard to navigate. Skip links allow users to skip over the navigation options and traverse directly to each pages content. We don't believe skip links will be needed if your page is semantically made up of HTML 5 tags.

The new HTML 5 tags named article and section should eliminate skip links. These new tags should allow screen readers and keyboard users direct access to a pages content if an article or section tag exists.

There was a time where developers would employ tab indexes on form elements to allow users to tab between elements in a conventional order. After some time developers realised that by setting the forms in a linear fashion, the browser would skip to the next form element without the need for tab indexes. By providing semantically correct HTML (form elements in the same order onscreen as in the source) we eliminate the need for tab indexes.

Setup your site with semantically correct HTML 5 and the need for skip links should also become antiquated in due time.