How to restore deleted emails

Every day a snapshot is taken of each mailbox, and up to 14 days worth of snapshots are kept on the server, meaning we can recover up to 14 days worth of emails should a client delete or lose their emails.

Note that emails that were received and deleted during the same day before the backup snapshot was taken are not backed up and are not available for restore.
This feature does not work for users with POP3 who do not leave a copy of the mail on the server.

We recommend that clients regularly save a copy of their emails to prevent loss

Recover mail for Exchange

  1. Log in to OWA
  2. Right click on deleted items and select recover deleted items
    A new window will pop up
  3. Select the emails you wish to recover
  4. Click the mail icon
  5. Select the location where your emails should be recovered to
  6. Click recover

Note: if an entire folder has been deleted, the folder structure cannot be recovered

Recover business mail

Mail can be recovered in two ways - via webmail and via our control panel (only available for staff)

Recover mail using webmail

  1. Right click on the trash folder
  2. Click recover deleted items
  3. Select the items you wish to restore
  4. Click on the recover to folder tab and select the folder you wish to recover the emails to

Recover mail using our control panel

  1. Use lastpass to login to our email hosting system
  2. Click the 3 dots under the Email Hosting section
  3. Click restores
  4. Select the domain you want to restore emails for
  5. Click start new restore
  6. Click the button next to the mailbox you wish to restore emails for and select next
  7. Select the date you want to restore from. Clicking the load message counts button in the right corner will allow you to view the total number of email messages in the mailbox for each date
  8. Click next
  9. Select the folders you want to restore
  10. Select where you want the restored emails to be placed
  11. Click next
  12. After reviewing the date restore summary, click start restore