Migrating your emails to our service

So you've decided to use Crystal Web Designs for your email hosting needs? That's great! we're happy to have you on board and we hope that you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy providing it to you.

When you move your mailbox/es across to our hosting, you will likely have existing mail data on your old mail server. This mail data does not automatically come across to our servers, it will stay on the old server until you do something with it or the old server is shut down.

How does the mail migration work?

This is a process that you will need to complete via your mail program after we have an account set up for you. This is something that we are unable to do for you, however if you follow the correct process you should find that the migration is seamless and quick.

Essentially the process is to

  1. save the mail data from your old server
  2. set up the mailbox pointing to our server in your mail program
  3. import the mail data in to the new mailbox
  4. when the mailbox goes live, the mail data will sync up to our server

Mail program developers will usually provide instructions for how to manage your mail data in your program. We recommend you refer to the program developer for this information.

We find that the easiest programs to complete a mail migration through are Outlook and Thunderbird.

Outlook instructions https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/287070/how-to-manage-pst-files-in-microsoft-outlook


  1. Set up the mailbox pointing to your old server
  2. Set up the mailbox pointing to the Crystal server (this will mean you have the same mailbox setup twice, but pointing to different servers)
  3. In the NEW mailbox, replicate any folders that you need
  4. In the OLD mailbox, highlight all emails that you want to migrate. Right click, select Move To, and follow the chain until you reach the correct location for the email. Do this for all emails that you wish to migrate
  5. After step 4 is done, allow time for your mail program to sync up to the server. If you have a lot of emails to sync, this is going to take time and it is important that you allow the program to complete the syncing process. Do not close your mail program as this will interrupt the progress.