Ftp Account with Cpanel

FTP temporary access

Sometimes you need a 3rd party company to access your website and a temporary ftp access is a very easy and quick way to accomplish this. Once the 3rd party has completed their work, you can remove the details to ensure your website is secure and restricted again.

Creating an ftp account summary

  1. Use lastpass to login to your cpanel account.
  2. Click FTP Accounts.FTP Accounts icon
  3. Enter your Login name which can be any name you choose. The email address doesn't actually have to exist
  4. Enter in Password and Password (Again) and ensure the strength of the password is suitable. Read our how to create passwords page for information about creating passwords.
  5. Enter in the Directory as public_html.
  6. Quota can remain as the default setting.
  7. Click Create FTP Account.
  8. Go back to the home of your cpanel account and search for the server name. Once you find this name you can login with:
    host: SERVERNAME.globalbacking.com
    password: YOUR_PASSWORD
    Cpanel server name