Email marketing image errors

There are many delivery channels to communicate with users, including television, radio, newspapers, online ads, websites and email marketing lists. Each of these paths demand a delicate balance to create the most effective advertising possible. A company is required to understand each medium and utilise it to its full capacity.

Email Marketing is one such field of advertising potential and companies need to ensure their emails reach their users and are effective. Below is an email I received from

Email from ninemsn with no images showing

As you can see, there isn't much to see. This is because my email client is blocking images from being loaded from this email. A large blank grey square is basically all that can be seen in this email. Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world and to receive such an email from this company is ridiculous. Check out one that I received from BMW.

Email from bmw with no images showing

Another poor excuse for an email. Companies need to understand the delivery channel that they are using. Email is not the web, you can't just stick some fancy graphics where ever you want and expect it to work. Users are sick of getting spam emails and anything that looks like spam is deleted immediately. Any images with big grey boxes, look like spam. Therefore both the above emails were deleted without me even checking what the images were.

Check out an email I received from trading post.

Email from trading post with no images showing

As you can see there are some images missing, but the images are accompanied with text. This is the key to correct Email Marketing. Ensure your users can see what you are sending. Companies need to understand that email clients are notorious for blocking images, therefore accompany all images with text.