Email Hosting

Get the premium service without paying the premium price

Crystal Web Designs provides a premium email hosting service that removes the hassle of clients having to manage their own email servers. This allows  you more time to focus on managing your business.

  • host in the cloud
  • simple billing - choose how you want to pay
  • reliability, emails are available when you need them
  • fantastic support - no outsourcing, ever
  • 14 day backup and retrieval
  • webmail and OWA access, accessible anywhere in the world
  • access mail using your favourite mail program or smart phone
  • stringent security measures to protect your data
  • extreme spam filtering
  • massive mailbox storage

Business hosting
Email Price

Exhange hosting
Exchange Price


25GB of Storage

Never run out of space again


25GB base mailbox +an additional 75GB

You'll have a hard time using up all that space


50MB Attachments

Send larger files when you need to. 50MB attachments... that's 500 jpg images


Calendar and Contacts sharing

Share your calendar and contacts easily


Backup & Retrieval

Retrieve any lost data up to 14 days. Secure mail storage means your emails are always safe.


Backup & Retrieval

Constant backups means you can retrieve any lost data up to 14 days


Webmail & Mail Program/Smart Phone Access

Access from anywhere around the world.


managed servers

Remove the hassle of managing your own servers


Crystal's support service

We've dedicated ourselves to providing a better support service than most other hosting companies.

No outsourcing, ever

All of our support comes from our Melbourne office, by our dedicated team. We never outsource our support and you never have to wait in a queue to get help.

No extra or hidden fees

Our support comes as part of our service. You never have to pay extra to be able to talk to us or get the help you need.

Going above and beyond

We understand that not everyone is an email expert, and mail programs and server configurations can be confusing and a frustrating process. So we provide as much assistance as you need to get your mail programs/smart phones set up and running, or troubleshoot any pesky issues that you run in to.

Low cost

At Crystal, our focus is on quality of service, rather than profits. So we offer our hosting services at the lowest cost possible, while allowing you to get the most out of your emails.

Everything you need in the one place

Crystal offers a range of services including domain management, website hosting, web development and design, and digital marketing. So we are able to assist with just about all of your online needs.

 Awesome service

With large mailbox sizes, backup and retrieval systems, extreme spam filtering, fully managed servers, great support,  reliable servers and more, we think that you'll be pretty impressed with us.