Don't use CSS reset files

CSS reset files cause more problems than they are worth and should not be used. What is the point of resetting styles and then setting them again. Would it not be easier to simply set them?

CSS reset files creates a 3 task process to initialise our styles.

  1. Browser sets default styles
  2. Reset style sheet eliminates styles and resets them to 0
  3. Further CSS styles are needed to restyle them again

Let's think about what would happen under different scenarios.

Step 3 is missed would cause all our styles to be reset, therefore if our clients were to use a text editor to create list items, the list items would be missing the bullet points.

Step 2 is missed would cause nothing to happen as all styles are set in our CSS.

Step 2 and 3 is missed would cause our browser to render the page with its default settings.

Thinking about the above scenarios we can come to the following conclusion: resetting styles is not needed as long as you set styles. Therefore don't use a reset style sheet, use a set style sheet that defines what everything should look like by default.