CSS 3 rounded corners, who cares

Artistic drawing of a future city with very modern buildingsCurrently there is a need for Internet Explorer 6 to be wiped away. It is a browser that is 8 years old from the time of writing this article. Internet Explorer 8 and below do not support most features of CSS 3. If Internet Explorer 8 takes that long to become obsolete, then what we are talking about is the year 2017 before we don't have to support it. Therefore CSS 3 rounded corners cannot be used before then.

Constantly we're seeing articles that show us how to do CSS functions that do not work in major browsers. The articles talk about all the great features and usually at the bottom in small letters, it alerts you to the fact that the features do not work in the most popular browser in the world such as Internet Explorer. CSS 3 functionality that doesn't work in major browsers can confuse developers by showing too much functionality that is still a long time away from being usable. Therefore it would be better to place a warning at the top of all CSS 3 articles stating that the following article is just for fun and should not be used in development.

2017 is nearly a decade away. So why are we talking about CSS 3 round corners. We don't want to hear about them till at least the year 2015, and even better would be a few months before we can start using them. We're pretty sure any articles we read now won't be so vivid in our memory in 2020. So let's talk more about what's relevant now, or at least specify at the top of the article that the what follows should not be used until a much later time.