Magento Training Manual

Welcome to the Magento Training Manual by Crystal Web Designs.

Magento is the most powerful ecommerce system in the world, but it can present a steep learning curve if you've never used it before. The good news is that it gets easier the more you use it! The important thing is to start strong by getting your foundations right and become aquainted with the backend of your Magento website. 

Step 1: Understand your Magento admin menu

Take a look at the menu above: this is a replica of your Magento admin navigation. If you click through the help pages via our navigation you will find links to video and help resources that we have watched and approved as being both useful and actionable. It will give you the knowledge to work with your Magento website. 

Step 2: Watch these videos to get you started on your Magento journey!

Step 3: Learn how to learn

It might seem a strange thing to say, but having the confidence to ask questions, seek out new information and give new things a try is the best way to improve your ecommerce management skills.

Being a Crystal Web Designs client gives you access to important resources like this, but it shouldn't be your only source of information. Make Google your friend and remember, it's VERY hard to completely break your website, so once you understand the basics of running a Magento ecommerce store, it's OK to experiment a little and make the occasional mistake - that's how you'll learn! 

Step 4: Log into your admin panel and start looking around 

Login to your Magento admin via the Use your username and password that has been provided by Crystal. If you are having trouble logging in please contact us on 03) 9824 5194.

Optional step 5 (for the serious web geek)

The below documents are the official Magento manuals. These are quite large (over 700 pages!) so you probably only need to read them if you are very keen. Otherwise use the navigation above to find resources we recommend. 

You can download a PDF version of the official Magento manual below. It is 10meg in size so please be patient.

Magento manual

Download Magento Manual v1.7 (PDF 10mb)

Download Magento Manual v1.8 (PDF 11mb)

Download Magento Manual v1.9 (PDF 13mb)

You can also check out the online version and download the current PDF here.



If you're serious about building a successful ecommerce business you need to invest the time in learning Magento.

Magento is a powerful system with a huge amount of flexibility - you can't learn it all in an hour. You'll get the most out of your website if you commit to spending a part of every day getting your hands dirty by using Magento and trying something new every day. Eventually it will become second nature but until then, practice makes perfect. Good luck!