Crystal Magento Extension Benefits

Crystal Amazing Extension

Magento is a difficult system to use and our unique and amazing Magento extension takes the hardships out of running your website and puts you back in control of your content. We build our Magento websites using our efficient and powerful Magento extension resulting in clients having the ability to edit parts of their website which are normally inaccessible. This means the power is now back in your hands making your Magento website one that is more fun to use and more profitable.

Consistent Interface

Websites can in different sizes and one problem with websites is that you need to learn many different functions. As your website grows, more and more plugins maybe used and thus you have more to learn. The great thing about the Crystal Extensions is that everything is consistent. We use a consistent layout, consistent tabs, consistent filtering and much more. When you learn one Crystal Extension you'll know how to use the others. This should cut down on training times and give your staff much more confidence in doing what they need to do.

Different Interface
Different interfaces can make updating your website confusing and hard
Consistent Interface
The Crystal Magento Extensions are all consistent and easy to use

Filtering, Searching and Pagination

From the beginning, each of our Crystal Extensions contain a proper filtering and pagination system. You'll easily be able to find the entries you wish to edit using our extensions. We ensure that we don't give you a half finished extension and cover all functionality that you need.

Bypassing layout files

Magento is built upon xml layout files and these are difficult to work with unless you are powerful Magento programmer. This means that most Magento store owners are reliant on their Magento developers for simple changes such as moving a logo or a bit of text to another part of the website. This kind of hardship can cost Magento owners hundreds of dollars each month simply because they are locked into using Magento developers for every little layout change. Our Crystal Magento Block Extension solves this issue by dynamically allowing you to place blocks on the pages you want, in the position you want and how you want it. Your power will expand by bypassing the cumbersome layout system of Magento and into our Easy to use Crystal Block system.

Layout Files
Cumbersome and hard to use layout files meaning you can't edit your website
Layout Files
Our system to use Crystal Magento Block Extension puts the power back in your hands

Separating content and presentation

One of the fundamentals of creating a scalable and updatable system is to separate content and presentation. This basically means you store data in a separate location to how you style it up. Instead of mixing colours, margins, paddings and other stylings with your data, you keep the two completely separate meaning you have more choices and options later on. It also means it is easier to edit and handle because you aren't worried about breaking the presentation of the website.

Attributes needed for data
Don't worry about the complexities of html formatting and styling, we'll do this for you
Adding Data
Keeping the data in easy to edit fields meaning your staff just worry about what they need to

SEO Semantic Optimised Formatting

SEO is an incredibly powerful means to make your company more dominant in todays fast changing world. By using our Crystal Magento Extensions we have the ability to format your data into semantic html. This has the amazing benefit of skyrocketing your SEO rankings and to have your website readable in the correct way making your data more reliable.

Data ready for SEO semantic
Keeping the data in easy to edit fields meaning we can convert it to the best format possible
SEO semantic optimised
Whatever your industry or passion, we'll make the most of your data to optimise fully for search engines

Problematic small adjustments

When you store data in a presentation type format, you run the risk of making mistakes when changing the presentation. For example imagine if you had to rearrange the following locations into 2 columns, or if you had to rearrange them in alphabetic order. These things can be tricky to do as you need to ensure you do it 100% perfect. Imagine if you had 100 stores around Australia and you needed to rearrange them! As your business grows, these kinds of setups become your worst nightmare.

Inflexible Location Layout
Inflexible layouts mean you have to manually move things around meaning mistakes can happen easily
Sorting Alphabetically
Sorting hundreds of items can be done with a simple bit of code, instead of you manually making mistakes doing it the old fashioned custom way

Multiple views

Once we have your data stored in the database within your website, we can manipulate the presentation anyway we wish. This gives you the freedom to change the look and feel of your website when you need to and not have to change how it is stored. One great benefit of this separation is that we can use your data for multiple functions. For example our location data can be used to display the locations in a table format, also used in search box so people can find the closest location to them, and also show the locations on a google map. This all can be accomplished by your staff adding locations into the Crystal Location Extension. The ease of use, makes for very powerful presentation opportunities.

Adding Data
Have your staff easily add your data into our Crystal Location Extension and the opportunities afterwards will be endless
Location Search Map Table
Use the location data in maps, searches and tables simply by storing it accurately and easily

Sending to multiple websites and locations

By storing data in your websites database, we have the ability to sync this data to other locations. We also have the ability to sync data from other systems such as an ERP system or a CRM system into your website. By keeping data in a safe and secure format, we can then create our presentation layer easily. For example imagine if you stored all your stores in an ERP system, we could sync that data into your website and then create the same location page. This mix and match of presentation and data gives us great power for the future and for complex systems.

Old ERP systems
Even old ERP systems can be synced up to make beautiful presentations on your website
Location Search Map Table
Use the location data in maps, searches and tables simply by storing it accurately and easily in any system you wish

Powerful positioning and assigning

Put blocks of data on your website where you want to and how you want it. Our block system allows date ranges so you can put banners on your website between dates such as the 2 weeks before xmas. You can place blocks in the header, footer, sidebar, main content and various other positions that you wish such as your companies phone number. You can choose which pages your blocks appear on such as the home page, product pages, category pages, even the checkout page such as special advertisement you want to show your customers. You can show blocks based on who is logged into your site such as wholesalers or just retailers. There's many more ways to show your blocks on your site but one thing is for sure, it's very easy and very powerful.

Instead of complex coding to get what you need, our systems can do what you need through our ready made interface
Assigning and Positioning
Powerful assigning and positioning so your business decisions turn into actions easily

Blazing Fast Speeds

Our Crystal Magento Block Extension hooks into our Crystal Caching Systems meaing your Magento website will be one of the most powerful and fastest in the country. We use our red hot caching strategies to boost your blocks into super faster rendering machines.

Website Time Out
Magento is a beast of a system and can slow your website down to a crawl
Internet Woman Speed Laptop
Powerful Crystal Extensions will make your website run at super speeds