About Crystal Web Designs

We are Devoted to our Clients

Our Story

In 2011, after having worked for many years in the industry, we became tired of the lack of innovation and understanding of what the internet was about and how it should be utilised to benefit every person and company.

We saw many unscrupulous companies out there especially in the SEO industry and many companies touting themselves as "leaders in the field" and "experts at web development" but were all simply snake oil salesman. The problem with the web development industry is that there is no cost to enter so any Tom, Dick and Harry can call himself an expert and this tends to leave many company owners with incomplete websites, blown budgets and a frustration that can last years.

Something was missing and with this opinion, a new vision was brought to life. Crystal Web Designs was born.

toorak office 250 Since then we have spent countless hours developing systems and bringing ideas to life. We've built our company on the back of the idea that every client deserves the best support and service - no matter what size or type of website they have.

With our office located in Hawthorn East, Victoria, Crystal Web Designs has a team of 10 staff. We have great goals and aspirations and aspire to be something special. As one of the first companies in Australia to venture into Magento specialisation, we have developed over 30 Magento extensions, whilst deploying, building and supporting over 300 clients. We have an amazing cloud email hosting system, look after hundreds of domains and offer some of the fastest website hosting in the country. We love to excel and be true leaders in all fields that we tackle. This isn't just talk, but backed up with evidence that we love to show each of our clients.

You can trust that when work is requested through our company, it will be done by a team of talented individuals.

Our Core Principals


tram imageWe have made it our active goal to never outsource work. It is our firm belief that our clients deserve more than to have their website outsourced to underskilled, overseas developers. All work is done within our Melbourne office by our own staff. This means that those that work on your website are available at all times.

  • 100% Australian Owned
  • Melbourne Office
  • No outsourcing ever


research booksResearch and ongoing development is a big part of our companies infrastructure and therefore we make it a regular goal to

  • Stay up to date with the latest technologies - through ongoing research
  • Provide ongoing staff training and personal development
  • Develop our own systems and extensions
  • Rigorously research, test and hand pick all systems that we work with
  • Periodically assess and re-assess our systems to determine usability and ongoing suitability


lemon stand1We believe that all companies deserve to have an online presence, regardless of their size. Therefore our mission is to work with all companies to meet their needs and achieve their goals.

  • Non profit organisations
  • Sole Traders
  • Small and Large Companies
  • Multinational and Global Companies
  • Government Enterprises


great serviceWe strongly believe that having a strong developer base is important for any business or website to succeed online. Therefore we will endeavour to develop long term relationships with all of our clients.

To ensure this is successful, we will

  • Create systems that outperform our competitors
  • Encourage our staff to continually develop their skills and knowledge for our clients advantage
  • Provide ongoing advice and recommendations to our clients
  • Hire staff with long term visions of employment
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Ensure fast turn around times for client work


crystal libTraining and knowledge is the basic foundation for any web developer to be successful. We have chosen our team and will continue to do so based on a range of skills and abilities that we believe enable each staff member to be more than competent in our field. We also believe that ongoing training and development is crucial for each of our staff both for the benefit of our company and our clients. We work with our staff to

  • Provide a working environment for our staff that is relaxed, flexible and stress free
  • Support our staff with their personal interests
  • Provide extra activities such as group lunches
  • Provide on-the-job training
  • Encourage staff to continue their training and development outside of work times
  • Encourage and enable staff to contribute to and develop internal systems
  • Encourage our staff to learn new areas of development and web practices