Code changes not working

board with writing stating 'Nothing Ever Happened Here'Have you ever been working on a file and the code edits you make have no effect. You continually make changes and still nothing is happening. At first you may think that your not doing something right but after minutes of frustration you realise that it is something else.

The problem is that you are working on the wrong file. Any edits you make to the code will never have an effect. The best solution is to delete everything from the file by simply selecting all and pressing the delete key. Save the empty file and run the script. If the script fails, then the empty file is the correct file that you should be working on and you can start looking for the appropriate code to change.

This technique can be better than die statements as some systems have security measures put in place to prevent this function. Print statements are also a problem as other elements can hide what you are printing or systems can flush the buffer before it reaches the page. The best solution to check that you are editing the correct file is to delete everything. Hacking away at an incorrect file can be one of the more frustrating parts of web development.