Christmas Ecommerce Tips

Get ahead of your competitors this Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time for everyone in the ecommerce world, with store owners looking to take advantage of the shopping increase and users trying to buy a long list of presents as easily as possible. As such we've put together a few tips which will hopefully get you thinking of ways you can improve your website.

email marketing

We all know email marketing is a great way to market your products and services to customers, but have you ever noticed how many ecommerce businesses step up their email marketing during the Christmas period? There is a fine line between helpful and annoying so finding the right balance is key, however, with well-timed and professional email campaigns you could considerably increase your sales.

Creating a Christmas themed template which advertises Christmas sales and new products could be the nudge your customers need to return to the site to purchase that special present.

Something else to think of is an often ignored area of email marketing - re-marketing. By sending automated abandoned cart emails for example; x number of days after a user leaves the site with products in their cart an email can be sent to them inviting them back to the site to make the purchase. This is functionality that can easily be implemented and can lead to a significant increase in conversions.

Lastly, get your timing right. There's no point in sending out a campaign two days before Christmas; by this stage many shoppers have already finished their shopping and gone on holiday or are too busy preparing Christmas lunch. Timing is key and if you get in early enough you have plenty of time to remind your customers of that great sale you have on.

mobile users

We all know that web usage on smartphones and tablets is increasing rapidly and this growth is expected to continue over Christmas. Have you tested the shopping experience of mobile device users on your site lately? It is definitely worth running through the purchase flow and improving anything that may need tweaking.

If you don't have a mobile or responsive site, while it is now too late to rectify this for Christmas there may be some small changes that can be made, and it's definitely worth considering an upgrade of your site in the new year.

simplify your shipping!

Shipping, and the clarity of your policies, prices and specials, can make a real difference at this time of year. Shoppers are always looking for the best deals so if you're offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount make sure your users know about it (and if you're not offering that, think about offering it).

Use a banner, a free shipping icon, and promote anything that's good about your shipping in a marketing email to your customers.

Also having an up to date shipping policy page which offers clear information on both shipping and returns is imperative.

Bring the Christmas cheer

While it's not appropriate for every website, Christmas-themed banners and other changes can help remind shoppers that Christmas is just around the corner and, even if they are on the site shopping for theselves, make them think about presents they need to buy and potentially lead to more items in their shopping carts.

Christmas banners should advertise promotions and Christmas-specific products for sale on the site.

Gift vouchers

Offering gift vouchers can be another way of increasing conversions. A customer may purchase a gift voucher for a family member or friend if they know that they would like your products, but don't quite know which product to get. Allowing them to purchase a gift voucher could be the additional motivation they need.

While it isn't default functionality in Magento's Community Edition there are extensions which can be installed to add gift vouchers to your site.

Now it's up to you

If you'd like any advice, information or assistance improving or getting your ecommerce store ready for Christmas, we're here to help as always, and if you've noticed your competitors doing something you'd like to also offer on your site let us know.