Asking for an email twice

The other day we were entering some information into a form and we came across a field that asked for our email address, directly after this field was another field for us to enter in our email address again. We were shocked to see forms like this still exist on the internet. Asking for a user to enter their email address twice is horrendous and causes many problems.

Man holding a sign that incorrectly spells moronsSavvy users are likely to hit ctrl c and copy the original email address and paste it into the confirmation email address field. Other users may see this and find it insulting and have no idea why the website believes they are incapable of typing their email address. Some users may not even want to give their email address and once coming up to a confirmation field, will think even more about signing up and leave.

There are many more reasons why people would hate these types of forms and we believe the biggest would be that you are insulting the user. Websites should not infer that a user cannot type an email address and doing so is rude. Any website that still has this kind of form should immediately remove the second confirmation email address.

If you really need to confirm an email address, send a confirmation email in which the user must click a link to approve.