365 days a year support

It's because we care

Every day of the year, we're here to help

100% Australian Support

At Crystal we have put a strong emphasis on providing great support to our clients. We hold a firm belief that to achieve great support we need a great team. All of our support is provided from our Melbourne office, we never outsource our support.

Extra support without the extra cost

Whether it's Xmas day, Good Friday or the most important day of the year, the AFL Grand Final! we are available when you need us.

The Crystal team is committed to ensuring that we're available if you need help or have a serious issue on all days of the year.

We're not just available all days of the year, but we don't charge extra for it.


All 365 days of the year and sometimes 366, we are here monitoring your website. We have load monitors, uptime monitors, health checks, log file analysis' and much more ensuring that all our clients websites are healthy and running well.

Websites don't take a break on the weekend and neither do we.

No monthly help fees

You're not always going to know how to update your website or where to look for information in the vast online world. This is why we help our clients on a daily basis offering free advice when they need to get the job done. We lead our clients in the right direction so they can complete their tasks and become competitent in the systems they use.

We don't charge any monthly fees for this kind of help.

Free Recommendations

We love our long term clients and we love to help them achieve their goals. This is why we give free recommendations to all our long term clients ensuring they can make the most out of their websites. We've heard of other companies charging hundreds of dollars just to write a report with a few recommendations.

Our goal is for you to succeed and for us to build a relationship with you, not charge you for every little thing we do.


"Nameserver updates", "dns propogation", "redis caching causing stale data", "chmod file permission changes" these are all situations that you may across from time to time, but do you really know what they all are and how to handle them?

Don't worry, the Crystal team know this stuff like the back of our hand and provide full management for all services that we provide.

This ensures we can keep the quality high and allow our clients to focus on their business.